High Performance Garden rooms

DKM Developments Ltd are pleased to offer a bespoke garden room design and build service.

These spaces can be used for working from home, keeping fit or simply a sanctuary. 


Designed and built for your needs

Whether you are looking for a space to work from home in such as a home office, a gym, a home beauty salon or just a place to escape the kids we can build it for you.

In recent times we have had more demand from clients for a well designed space that allows them to work from home.

Our garden rooms are designed and built with your needs in mind. 

Our standard 3.256m by 3.858m (internal dimensions) gives a bit over 12 square metres of internal working space which is more than enough space to fit a desk, office chair, laptop, tablet or pc and still have room to work. 

We can build bespoke office storage solutions into the finished space such as shelving and cupboards. 

High performance

Our garden rooms are built to the highest of standards structurally and thermally. These offer high levels of energy efficiency, are built to withstand the elements and create a space for your needs.


The base of our garden rooms is either piled or formed from 100mm of type 1 MOT compacted, levelled and sandblinded. 100mm concrete is then poured, tamped and skimmed to level. This provides a firm and durable foundation for the garden room. 

The base of the garden room is made from the highest grade floor timber joists which are the same as those used in first floor extensions. 

The joists are attached to the framework using standard joist hangers for increased strength and durability. 

The framework is set 100mm off the concrete slab by industrial strength stainless steel legs. 

This allows the timber to 'breathe' as would a joisted floor on a house. 

The walls are constructed from high grade, pressure treated timber studwork. This is strapped to the floor framework. 

For extra strength the door and window openings are created with double timbers. 

The floor is faced with 22mm OSB for extra strength, reduction of movement and to provide a solid surface for any floor finish.

The roof is a mono pitch formed from high grade pressure treated roof rafters finished with 22mm OSB to provide a solid roof deck for the roof cover. 

Thermal insulation.

The floor is insulated with 100mm Celotex insulation giving a low U-Value. This reduces heat loss significantly through the floor so it should stay nice and warm in the winter thus reducing heating bills.

The walls and roof are insulated using Super Triso 10 insulation. This is a multi layer foil insulation which gives very low U-values. This not only keeps the heat in in the winter but also keeps the heat out in the summer. 

The windows and French doors are double glazed which also contributes to high thermal performance. 

Protection against the elements.

The roof can be finished in either standard roof felt or EPDM. Both of which provide excellent waterproofing and are offered as alternatives when we discuss your needs and put together a quotation for you.

The roof design allows for free air movement between the roof deck and the insulation. This way the roof can breathe without you losing heat and staying dry. 

The walls are wrapped externally in a breather membrane, counter battened for air movement to prevent damp and faced with either pressure treated timber feather edge board or Marley Cedral cladding

Both of these are effective at diverting rainwater so will keep you warm and dry. 

The rain water running off the roof is taken away in guttering and this can either be connected to a soakaway or diverted into a water butt for your garden.

About Us

DKM Developments LTD was incorporated on 15th March 2013 (Company number 8446749) and is based in Great Dunmow, Essex.

The business focuses on general building, insulation upgrades and renovation work in the Essex area. We are Trustmark registered for loft insulation installation under PAS 2030: 2017/2019. 

With a team of skilled general builders we can turn your house into a home and help keep it warm through the winter months! 

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