Updated 17th June 2020 – Method statement for DKM Developments Ltd site visits

What this statement is all about.

In these extraordinary times of a global virus pandemic we need to protect our suppliers, customers, employees and families. As we work on properties and collect supplies from various sources we will at some point come into contact with another person or persons during our working day.

As a result of this we have decided to change the way in which we work in order to  protect all parties.

Most of the properties we work on are vacant or our clients are not present during the working day.

Key points for conducting ourselves during a working day:

  • Before our appointment at a property we will ring ahead to inform you of our ETA.


  • We will reassure you that we have been given instructions on the precautions we need to take with regard to the spread of COVid19.


  • We will check by asking if if anyone in the household has developed a new cough or has a fever, (a temperature of 38.7oC) If it is confirmed that this is the case and anyone in the household is self-isolating we will not visit until advised by yourselves it is safe to do so. We are required to do this to comply with the current legislation.


  • Before approaching the property we will put on disposal nitrile gloves. If gloves are not available we will wash our hands at any opportunity. We will bring our own wet wipes, towels, soap and hand sanitiser. Although the general consensus of opinion is that face masks do not give protection against the virus we will wear one rated at PM2.5. We are aware of the shortage of supply and as such social distancing is very important (see next point)


  • On entering the property we will advise you that it is safer for you to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from us and request that this is maintained for the duration of our visit.



  • Once we have completed our work, we will wipe down and sanitise any surfaces using isopropyl alcohol and disposable wipes. wipe down any surfaces we have come into contact with, and dispose of the of the wipe in a separate rubbish bag.


  • We will also wipe the surfaces of any tools and equipment used.


  • Once we have left site we will remove our gloves and dispose of them in the same rubbish bag as the wipes.



  • Crucially, if we experience any symptoms of the corona virus we will self-isolate immediately which under current government guidelines applies to the whole family. We will also inform you of this.


We will continue to review and revise this method statement and welcome any suggestions from our suppliers and customers as to how these arrangements can be improved.

About Us

DKM Developments LTD was incorporated on 15th March 2013 (Company number 8446749) and is based in Great Dunmow, Essex.

The business focuses on general building and renovation work in the Essex area.

With a team of skilled general builders we can turn your house into a home! 

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DKM Developments LTD
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Complete renovation and refurbishment
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