Energy Retrofit services

At DKM Developments Ltd we offer an energy improvement retrofitting service. This includes standard loft insulation upgrades to meet the regulation minimum 270mm requirement.

Trustmark and PAS2035.

We are currently working towards approval for PAS 2035 retrofit installations under Trustmark and are hoping to achieve this by the end of 2020.

Under floor retrofit insulation. 

We currently retrofit under floor insulation to allow old joisted floors to meet building regulations and improve the energy performance of your home. This will ultimately save you energy and money.

In order to retrofit underfloor insulation a large amount of preparation work is involved. As we are experienced in this we can make the process hassle free and keep mess, dust and disruption to a minimum.

Internal wall retrofit insulation.

We have some space saving measures that allow us to insulate external walls from the inside using a product called SuperTriso 10. This is a multi foil insulation which offers the same insulation value as 270mm of glass fibre insulation in a smaller space – just a little under 35mm.

When installed correctly this saves energy and money without losing too much internal wall space and is an ideal retrofit solution for older timber framed properties.


An often overlooked part of retrofitting energy saving measures is having adequate ventilation in properties. At DKM Developments Ltd we can install a range of ventilation solutions for you ranging from simple trickle vent upgrades on existing double glazed windows to the installation of whole house ducted mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery.

An unfortunate side effect of retrofitting insulation is the formation of thermal bridges and reduction of ventilation in buildings. Thermal bridges in particular cause condensation on internal walls and, ultimately, the growth of mould which has a negative impact on the health of the occupants. Moisture can also build up in the air in poorly ventilated properties which leads to a greater demand on the heating to keep the house warm – a lot more heat is needed to warm up damp air compared with dry air.

There are many ways you can reduce the amount of moisture in the air from simply opening a window to installing an extractor fan in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, in Winter this is not always ideal.

Modern mechanical extractor fans actually draw in fresh air from the outside while warming it from the heat in the air they remove (a process known as heat recovery). Heat recovery fans such as the one shown in the photograph below are ideal solutions to this.


These fan units run continuously and have a summer mode for energy saving. They are highly effective at removing damp air and replacing this with fresh, dry and warm air from the outside by recovering heat from the extracted air.

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